How to clear cache on Google Chrome ?

Cache is the process of storing temporary data so that websites, browsers, or applications don’t have to download that data over and over again. Because of its nature of storing data, this cache has many weaknesses, usually the browser or application will crash if it keeps old cache too long, therefore, now I will share how to clear cache from the Google Chrome browser,okay let’s get to the discussion

Clear Cache Browser Google Chrome

1. Open your Chrome browser and look for the dot button

Click Button

2.after clicking the dot button, now click other features, also click clear browsing data, or if you want it to be simple you can press ctrl + shift + del


3. then select all (to be deleted) if you want to completely clear the cache, then press clear data.

Delete all Cache

well, that’s the tutorial to clear the chrome browser cache for the desktop, if you have questions, you can ask them in the comments column

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